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Message from Fr. Bede

Fr. Bede has been in contact with Sara Tambling, Chair of the Pastoral Parish Council.  He has confirmed that he has no intention of changing any of the Saturday/Sunday Mass times in either of the Wells or Cheddar Parishes for the foreseeable future.  Please pass this on!

The Spirit of Christmas Fayre

Yes there’s a new team of organisers for this year’s Christmas Fayre and they would like to take the opportunity of introducing themselves to you through a team photograph.  There are a few of the usual suspects there and we expect lots of fun and excitement along the way and of course on the day itself.  Watch this space for a monthly’ish newsletter.

To keep Parishioners up to date the team have started with a copy the minutes of the first meeting and as you can see there’s a much work to be done.  Let’s hope that the Little Sisters of St. Prosecco get all the support they deserve.

Minutes of Christmas Fayre Meeting 18 May 2019

Visit to Medjugorje

“I believe that the message of peace, which is central here in Medjugorje, is intended for the whole world”, said Polish Archbishop Henryk Hose.  Archbishop Hose was appointed in May 2018 as Apostolic Visitor to the Saint James parish in Medjugorje, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is run by the Franciscan friars.  Several parishioners have expressed a wish to visit Medjugorje in 2019.  Joe Walsh Tours will be organising a pilgrimage there on the 17th September 2019 for 7 nights, departing from Bristol Airport.  For more details contact: Connie Lane Tel: 01749 677328 or email:

CTWA – Church leaders announce changes

Father Phillip is leaving SSJ&T during the summer to take up a new Parish in Cirencester

Don and Lynne Hart are transitioning the leadership of The Vineyard over the autumn to Sue Marland, who will be starting her employment with Vineyard on 1st September.  Don and Lynne are staying in the area. 

Revd Tobie Osmond is moving from St Tom’s etc…  to be Vicar of Taunton St Mary Magdalen and St John the Evangelist.  Last service at St. Thomas’ Church, St. Thomas Street is Oct 6th.

We hold them all in our prayers at this time of change.

Churches Together in England – Review of 2018

2018 review of the year with hyperlinks

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Wells poster with photos v3